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Our Story

Our Story

The Montessori School of Greenville was opened in 1970 by the Bylenga family. They saw a need for alternative education and settled on Montessori as the best education for any child. Since then, the family continues to run the school through its next generation. As the oldest Montessori school in the Upstate of South Carolina, thousands of children have attended during our 40+ year history.

Many of our alumni remain in the area while others have moved to all corners of the globe. They have successful careers in medicine, law, the arts, education, and technology - anywhere their passion has led them. Several of our former students have gone on to be awarded full scholarships to prestigious colleges and universities, received accolades for academic achievement, or quietly made a difference in the lives of others and our environment. Some of our parents were children here themselves, so strong is their respect and love for our school. Montessori teachers from around the world have stopped in to observe our classes and commented on how true our classrooms and methods are to the teachings of Dr. Montessori, something to which we strive on a daily basis.

At the Montessori School of Greenville, your child is not the only important person. Your family is equally important and our staff gets to know the children as well as the parents, siblings, grandparents, and sometimes the family pets! Realizing that it is more than simply the school's influence in educating a child, we partner with the family to be sure we are doing our absolute best for every child entrusted to our care. This partnership is an integral part of our school values.

Most recently, we have been named a LiveWell! School by Livewell! Greenville. This designation acknowledges our commitment to healthy living by serving our children healthy foods and allowing plenty of time for outdoor activities.

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