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The Montessori Classroom

The Montessori Classroom

Montessori ClassroomIntegral to the Montessori Method of education is the prepared environment. At the Montessori School of Greenville, our classrooms reflect Maria Montessori's philosophy that the student's environment should be designed to encourage the student's natural tendencies to explore, learn and absorb knowledge.

Unlike traditional classrooms our classrooms are dynamic communities where students are constantly moving and engaging with specially designed learning materials. Materials are arranged on shelves at the students' eye level and are organized into the four main areas of interaction: practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics. Each activity and many of its accompanying materials are designed to be self-contained and self-correcting, allowing the child to experience the satisfaction and joy of discovery and learning with minimal adult correction.

Montessori ClassroomOur classrooms reflect and promote both a sense of community and a sense of self. Each classroom has common areas where students come together to learn, share and interact with one another, as well as individualized areas where the students are encouraged to explore materials based on their own likes and interests. In addition, we offer opportunities to interact with the natural world through classroom pets, interior plants and horticultural environments, and outside gardens and work areas. At the Montessori School of Greenville, we provide children with a calm, inviting environment where they can develop emotionally, intellectually and socially in preparation for leading a fulfilling life and becoming valuable contributors to society.

Please feel free to contact us directly to learn more about the Montessori School of Greenville. We welcome the opportunity to schedule an appointment for you to visit our school and observe a class. Come see our children happily working.

Montessori Classroom Montessori Classroom Montessori Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor ClassroomAn essential component of our approach to education, our outdoor gardens are incorporated into the learning in all the programs at the Montessori School of Greenville. Children are actively involved in nurturing plants on the school grounds in multi-age teams: growing them from seed, caring for them, and recording daily observations. Parent volunteers share their expertise with children throughout the year and help the gardens thrive.

Our lunches and snacks include vegetables from our raised beds as often as possible alongside other healthy options. Lunch and snack leftovers are composted and added to the garden soil.

We have recently been recognized for our efforts through designation as a LiveWell! Healthy School and acceptance of a Grow Healthy grant to provide additional healthy options for lunch and snack and support our gardening efforts.

Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom LiveWell!

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