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Primary Program

Primary Program

Primary ProgramThe Primary Program is comprised of a mixed-age classroom with children ranging from two-and-a-half to six years old. This approach provides flexibility in learning pace and allows older children to build self-confidence by sharing what they have learned. The lead teacher in each class is Montessori certified. Each class has a teacher's assistant as well.

Primary ProgramChildren entering the Montessori Primary Program typically stay in the same classroom with the same teacher for the entire three-year curriculum. This promotes a familiar environment for the child and a quicker introduction into the classroom work when the child returns to school the next year. Children entering the Primary Program at age four remain for at least two years. Those children entering at age 2 1/2 often remain in the Primary class for four years.

Primary ProgramChildren work independently or in small groups in the four major areas of Montessori primary curriculum: practical life skills, sensorial tasks, mathematics, and language. Other areas of education include art, botany, geography, geometry, and music.

The children benefit from in-house field trip programs. Past programs have included visits from the Fire Department, Bookmobile, Greenville Zoo, Roper Mountain Science Center, National Children's Theater, Digeridoo Down Under, Dogs for Autism, the Mobile Ark, and various others. These special events enhance our curriculum.

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